Saturday, December 3, 2011


we had a guest assignment from daniel zender this past week. he gave a lecture and critiqued 25 out of 75 assignments, mine was one of the ones chosen. that will be uploaded here later.
in the meantime, here's a drawing i did of anna and kim, two illustration sophomores, during the presentation on the first page of my new moleskine folio.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

where rainbows come from

here's the finished version of that sketch i posted the other day. nicki is the rainbow maker. i have a second version where she is puking letters also, but i think i like this one more.
i'm pretty happy with the result of this, but i think it could still use some work.
nicki is really into typography and also, her earliest memory was puking alphabet soup on the sidewalk at kindergarten. so it all worked out pretty nicely ha.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

the future

an older project, i think from around september.
movie poster for miranda july's the future.
watercolor and ink, assembled in photoshop.

nicki doo

here's an in progress thing. it's my girl nicki and she's gonna be pukin' up a rainbow when everything's all said and done.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

i suck at blogging

so it has been about six months since i last posted so i guess that means it's time for an update.

here's what's happened since i last posted:
turned 20
summer break
went to venice, ljubljana, dubrovnik, and berlin on a study abroad trip through my school
went to chicago
house punk shows
school started again
lots of work

i'm going to try to update this thing more frequently.
remembering to blog is hard.

Monday, May 2, 2011

i need to be better at blogging

some things have been happening lately with school, those things have not yet been documented
but i am here to say that they are indeed very real and are certainly happening!
things i'm working on:

  1. finishing making a giant bottle of sriracha sauce out of cardboard that i will be turning into a vehicle and riding down a 100 ft long 2" x 4" (joy)
  2. finish editing the harris burdick piece before the end of semester show
  3. beach house gig poster and t-shirt
  4. "comps" for my location drawing class. 
  5. deciding what pieces to put in the end of semester show (this friday!)
wait i lied, i do have a scan of the sketch for my beach house poster. here it is:

Monday, April 25, 2011

harris burdick and other mysteries

for my type class we just finished making our 11" x 17" book spreads re-illustrating a line/page from the mysteries of harris burdick, which is incredibly intriguing and mysterious and all. you should google it if you're unfamiliar.
here's mine:
all the layers were hand drawn and then scanned in and the colors were changed, etc. it's still not quiiiite done. i wanna add some wall paper and more pattern on the rug but i'm really happy with where it is for now.

next thing is to make a band poster and t-shirt. not sure what band i'm going to do yet (this is the other mystery i spoke of in the title of this post)...bright eyes would be too expected haha. we shall see. leaning towards the knife (maybe fever ray instead) or now it's overhead oooorrrr neutral milk hotel. but who knows. i may go real random.

i dozed off for like a minute during nicki's crit for her spread tonight and jules drew a real accurate picture of my sleepiness. (not the first time. that's embarrassing.)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

some drawings

ink drawing of my friend ivy for this kind of silly project i've gotten myself into involving social networking. i'm calling it the "can i draw you project" i don't really know where it's going but hopefully somewhere good. i like the drawings i've done for it so far! here are some others:

Friday, April 22, 2011

second post...weeks later

uhhhh so i know i said i was bad at this kind of thing and it clearly isn't a lie but i am going to try to get better because i need to grow up and stop using deviantart so within the next few days i should be uploading some new drawings!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

first post

so hi
i'm not that great at these things so i'll skip the introduction and get onto the purpose of this blog - posting my art and things related to that.
normally with this kind of thing i post older work so the reader gets an idea of what my stuff is like but i don't feel like doing that because i want this to be pretty current. i may post old things from time to time, though. if you want to see more of my work, visit my deviantart page. 

i lack technology for the most part, i don't have a camera or anything like that so documentation may not be exactly archival but you'll get the gist of it. 

here's something i just finished for class

felt and various other fabric self portrait.

some recent doodlings:
this scan is really pretty terrible and i do apologize. this is a little doodle of my friend celina.
me (right) and my friend loran. i did this over winter break using .005 microns and faber castel markers. oh yeah and some white gel pen, too. here's a detail of loran's mouth/nose area because i'm particularly proud of it:

more later! byeeeee